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Soft Ball

Soft Ball

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Our Pilates exercise soft ball is durable, light, and comfortable.

When softly inflated, this Pilates accessory is perfect for core stability and pelvic health exercises. It’s easy to hold and will not roll away, giving the correct amount of feedback for both strengthening and releasing exercises.

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What are the benefits of the Soft Ball?

With the correct use, the Pilates ball can:

  • Help to relieve back pain.
  • Improve core strength.
  • Improve pelvic floor function.
  • Facilitate better posture. 

All Pilates equipment comes highly recommended by physical therapy experts, and the ball in particular can be taken from the studio to home to anywhere in the world!

How to use the Soft Ball

This Pilates accessory inflates to about 23cm with the straw included, or to around 25cm with a pump. We recommend using the straw to inflate the ball, so you can keep it softly inflated. 

Once you have inflated the ball to the desired size, use the stopper provided to keep the ball inflated.

Product Specification

  • Material: High-quality, Anti-burst, Anti-Slip PVC material
  • Diameter: 23-25cm (25cm max inflation with air pump, approx 23cm with mouthpiece straw)
  • Weight: 145g
  • Colour: Blue

Note: Measurements will differ depending on what you use to pump up the ball. Using the mouthpiece straw, the ball will inflate to around 23cm which is the ideal size for the exercises included in the online Pilates class.


How do I blow the ball up?

The ball comes with a straw, making it super easy to inflate. 

Do I inflate the ball all the way? 

We recommend not to inflate the ball all the way. Why? This makes it a better surface to work on for improving core stability, opening up, and pelvic floor exercises.

How strong is the ball?

This is a common question, and our answer is that the ball holds a lot of weight and has never let us down yet! Side note: don’t let your dog play with it, its sharp teeth will burst the ball.

If you have any further queries about our products - get in touch with us via the contact form and we will be happy to help.