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Pilates Foot Wedge

Pilates Foot Wedge

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This cork foot wedge enables you to find the alignment above your feet more easily. Having the foot wedge to use with other Pilates equipment or when doing mat work will help you to move pain-free and progress quickly.

Sold as a set of 2.

Small canvas bag included.

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    What are the benefits of the Pilates Foot Wedge?

    With the correct use, the Pilates foot wedge can: 

    •  Improve ankle flexibility and foot mobility. 
    • Create more space in the foot joints and improve ankle stability.
    • Help to create better organisation and alignment of joints above. 
    • Reduces pressure in the back.
    • Support and improve squat movement.
    • Help you create better movement strategies that will help you strengthen and progress.

    How to use the Pilates Foot Wedge

    The foot wedge is great to use if your ankle has become rigid or injured and movement has become restricted or painful. The wedges can be used during a range of exercises to support you, for example when doing lunges or squats.

    Product Specification

    Size: 10cm x 9cm x 3cm


    Can I improve my squats with foot wedges?

    Yes absolutely if you are a little stiff around your ankles then using the blocks will allow you to access your glutes/extensor muscles more.

    Can I use the blocks for foot rehab?

    Yes, the blocks give multiple foot exercise options to improve overall balance and strength. It’s essential that our foot keeps its suppleness and mobility throughout all our joints to create good balance and set up our posture from the floor upwards.

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