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Pilates Cork Ball

Pilates Cork Ball

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The Pilates cork balls are made from 100% natural cork. As an antibacterial product, cork is free of harmful substances making this a great choice for health and fitness.

Sold as a set of 2.

Cotton Moveflo bag included.

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    What are the benefits of the Pilates Cork Ball?

    With the correct use, the Pilates cork ball can:

    • Improve foot mobility by easing tension through the plantar fascia. 
    • Reduce pain.
    • Increase stability and balance of the foot.
    • Be used all over the body as trigger point therapy to release tension in hips, neck, and back.

    How to use the Pilates Cork Ball

    The cork balls can be used all around the body to ease pain and release tight muscles. 

    They’re especially great for your feet. We recommend having the cork balls under your desk to keep your feet moving and massaged whilst working!

    Product Specification

    • Material:Cork
    • Size: Ball 8cm
    • Canvas bag 15 x 20 cm


    Can I use the cork ball for release work?

    Yes it’s perfect for this for so many reasons. Primarily, its texture allows the fascia to yield and soften which means they can release and stretch. It’s also great for taking anywhere with you as its so easy to pack, easy to clean.

    Can I use this for releasing tension in my neck?

    Absolutely, this is an effective and easy way to use our cork balls. Working with the cork ball under your armpit will help to release the tension in your jaw and neck.

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