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Folding Reformer

Folding Reformer

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This reformer is perfect for home use as well as studio use, as its slimline maple wood frame gives a luxury studio quality that fits easily into a small space.

The Moveflo folding Reformer provides an elevated movement experience. With an 8-wheel roller system, it glides extremely smoothly, plus the coloured spring system has a two layer option for adding challenge and adaptability to your workout.

Indulge in the high quality padded upholstery which gives you real support and comfort. Not to mention the soft hand and foot loops and the felt lined foot strap! This reformer is so smooth and comfortable that you’ll want to jump on your reformer every day.

Please note for our large equipment pieces, delivery is approximately 6-8 weeks.

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    What are the benefits of the Folding Reformer?

    The Reformer is a strong foundation for anyone practising at home or in the studio. It has so many benefits, adaptations, and starting points. From working on rehabilitation, sports-specific rehab, improving alignment, flexibility, and strengthening. Using the reformer is a fantastic way to help with overall function.

    Whilst you can work hard on this piece of equipment, its relaxing movements bring in mind and body connection to help your practice stay relaxing, energising, and grounding.

    How to use the Folding Reformer

    The reformer works on a moving carriage that is attached to a spring loaded system which promotes both assistance and resistance in movement. This guiding piece of equipment will ensure your Pilates practices are accurate and progressive. The reformer truly is a life changing piece of equipment!

    Product Specification

    Included in your purchase of the Moveflo folding reformer:

    • Padded Jump-board
    • Pilates Long Box
    • Padded Foot Platform
    • Your Moveflo Pilates Accessory Pack includes straps

    Weight: 80kg

    Dimensions:  2350 long x 670mm wide. 370mm high at the carriage.

    • 5-year Domestic Use Warranty on the main frame
    • 3-year Commercial Use Warranty on the main frame
    • 2-year Warranty on all components


    How easy is it to store away?

    Designed with just that in mind, it’s super quick and easy to store away. See our short video to find out exactly how.

    Can I use it for teaching?

    Yes, it's robust like a studio reformer with the same materials and springs. Plus you have the added benefit of folding it away. It’s slightly shorter than our traditional studio reformer so is often the choice if you are stuck for space.

    How strong are the springs?

    Our springs are designed to maintain their resistance over time.They are aligned with the feel of the original concepts and feel that Joseph Pilates created. The gliding carriage is extremely smooth and a dream to move on.

    If you have any further queries about our products - get in touch with us via the contact form and we will be happy to help.