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The chair is a great piece of Pilates equipment to have at home or in studios. Whilst it’s smaller than a reformer it still offers the challenge of springs that you can’t achieve in mat Pilates.

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What are the benefits of the Chair?

In the Pilates world, the chair is often referred to as the most challenging piece of equipment! It’s extremely effective for building arm and leg strength. For this reason, the chair can be used to improve sports performance in footballers, skiers, and runners.

The split-pedal design on this chair makes it more versatile and excellent for rotational movements. So, if you're a more advanced student or someone who's particularly keen to challenge yourself from every angle, this piece of Pilates equipment is your best bet.

How to use the Chair

The Chair has a seat, a pedal, and springs, which all determine the amount of resistance you’re working with. There’s also a split pedal option, handles for balance, plus extra hooks to add in more arm exercises whilst working your legs, helping you to achieve a full body workout!

Product Specification

See diagram for spec measurements.


What are the benefits of the higher pedal?

With four cactus heights to choose from and two spring hook ups you have so much scope to play around. The options allow you to tailor each set up to the clients needs, or your own personal goals. You can either have more assistance or more resistance.

What can I use the additional hooks for?

The extra hooks give you the option to integrate more arms and legs together in the Pilates repertoire which is such a great benefit. Having your feet in springs whilst swaying on the chair or using the hooks for standing leg spring work makes this chair suddenly so much more.

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